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A Tree Cake


Traditional European Split Cake

Moist, aromatic, full of flavor.  Made from the best, non-GMO ingredients such as real butter, fresh village eggs, European flour, sugar, cream, and vanilla. This original maturing cake remains fresh for at least 60 days without a single artificial ingredient or preservative. 

Polish name is Sękacz (sen-CATCH) which precisely means ‘knotted cake". Also known as a German Baumkuchen, the French gâteau à la broche, the Swedish spättekaka, and of course Lithuanian šakotis. Well known among Europeans but surprisingly the split cake is getting very popular in Japan where was introduced at the beginning of the 20th century. 


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The only ingredients are:

fresh butter
village eggs
good quality sour cream
vanilla sugar
lemon juice from the freshly squeezed lemon

Hand Made

The secret of this cake is the production process. Long baking time on an open fire for at least 3 hours.

Fresh Non-GMO Ingredients

Every cake is made only from fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Instead of artificial softeners, we use freshly whipped egg whites. It gives the cake a natural softness. 

Made to the order

We bake and ship the cake after you placed the order.


Our home-based bakery was approved and licensed by Polish SANEPID (The National Sanitary Inspection Department) and is regularly inspected.

Shipping method

We have great experience in packing food items. We are the founders of Fabko- European food online store  Started in 2014 we began to pack and ship food products to thousands of customers in the USA. We are experienced in shipping frozen sausages, jars,  cakes, chocolate, and many more items.   Nowadays,  we ship European products worldwide through You can be sure that your cake will be professionally wrapped in cellophane, bubble wrap, and soft paper to safely arrive in perfect condition. 

Expiration date- transit time

The best date is 60 days after the production process. The cake is baked one day before shipping. We ship only with Air Mail Postal Service. Transit time can vary from 7 to 14 business days. 

In the US you can find some imported Split Cakes at some European food stores. These are always older than the cake you order from us which is baked & ship especially for you.  Normally the regular importer has to wait for imported products approx 4 weeks until the product is in the US and then it must be distributed to wholesalers and finally among European stores.  If you order straight from us, you receive a way better quality and a much fresher cake. 


Weight: 1.8 - 2kg (approx. 4 pounds)

diameter: 20 cm (7 inches)

heigh: 26 cm (10 inches)


20 eggs, real butter, sour cream, sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon juice

May contain peanuts and tree nuts

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Real polish Split cake. I am 100% sure It was made the old way! Arrived untouched. Amazing!

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Przeeepyszny sękacz dotarł na czas zapakowany jak w puchu :) kontakt mailowy idealny. Życzę dobrych Świąt dla twórców tego dzieła sztuki

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