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The history of our online bakery

Several years ago, when I was merely a teenager, my mother helped me bake my very first Spit Cake (Baumkuchen, Sękacz). I remember that we roasted it by a fire using primitive tools such as a wooden rotisserie.    We live in a culturally diverse region, just a step away from Lithuania and Konigsberg (old Prussian territory). It used to be the main settlement of the Yotvingians tribe. It is certain that centuries ago, the people living here learned to bake spit cake from the Yotvingians. This is why the cake has become popular in Northern Poland, Lithuania, and Germany. And many years later this cake started our bakery business.

In 2014, my wife- Monika and I decided to move to the USA to help my brother run his grocery store in New York City. We got the idea to sell European foods online, and so we did, starting an online store. Our main objective was to bake European pastries and ship them to customers living all around the US, even in Alaska and Hawaii. The store became one of the USA's most popular European food online shop.

Living there, we became interested in American baked goods, namely New York-style Chocolate Chip Cookies. We started making batches of the cookies, until, finally, we found the perfect recipe. 

Shortly after returning to Poland, we decided to start our home-based family bakery specializing in online sales. The bakery started with us baking Baumkuchen, also known as Sękacz in polish and as Šakotis in Lithuanian. We use our Mother’s recipe, which has been passed down by generations. Of course, It includes no artificial ingredients.

Now we ship our craft cookies and cakes to most European countries: Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Czechia, Great Britain, and of course Northern America. It is evident that our past experiences have resulted in us making generally eastern European and American-style baked goods, which we bake with true passion and pleasure.

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